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 With us, it’s all about you-- and your family.  As a family photographer we want to be there for all your moments.  From the start of a “new” family with a wedding or new addition (fur babies included!) to a 50th anniversary party and every moment in between!  And, goodness, there are so many moments! New home- Pregnancy- First car- New business- the list goes on and on… Photographs are meant to capture a small sliver of time.  When seen on your wall, it should bring a smile to your face with the memory of the moment. It should start story telling with future generations when you pull out your album.  It sparks the memory we hold dear of someone who is no longer with us. 


At Images by Shel, we understand the importance of these moments and our job to capture the image perfectly for you. We also know how to have fun doing it! What we do is magical and you’ll feel that it’s magically easy to understand the process -from location, to outfits, to what do with the images after the session. With the first phone consultation, text, or email exchange, all of your “I’ve never hired a photographer before” or “What the heck should we wear?” will be put to rest. You’ll be well prepared for your time with us and have images to last lifetime.


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People often ask why I became a photographer...It’s the memories I get from looking at a picture.


I wanted to be able to be a magician and capture that for others too! I’ve been photographing-- well-- everything I could since middle school.


My dad was my exploring buddy...roller coasters...fishing… bike rides...and long country drives. I always wanted my camera with me to capture as much as I could. As I got older, he would patiently wait for the light to be just “right,” before making me head home. He was the storyteller of the family for sure- usually the same story over and over!


Now, we do it for him, using the images from the past to spark memories in the present and have little parts live on in the future. I still do all those things, including roller coasters and especially those long country drives with my family. Of course the camera comes along.


I have spent hundreds of hours behind the camera, editing images, and taking courses so I can share this magic with others and be a memory capturer for so many families. I cannot wait to capture the magic of the moment for your family soon!



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So what exactly does Images by Shel take photos of??!!??


Well, that’s a great question. We photograph all the moments that make your family...well, yours. This is not an exhaustive list because every family is unique but here’s some ideas:


• Weddings

• Maternity

• Lifestyle

• Newborn

• Themed mini sessions

• Cake Smashes

• Birthday Parties

• Anniversary Parties

• Seniors/Graduation


Because hard work is needed to support your family, we don’t forget about your business side too!

• Corporate Events

• Business Branding Head-Shots


Families are part of the community and we support that too!

• Not-for-Profit Events

• Unique Fundraising Opportunities​.

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